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Why do we need the 18th Edition?

04th May 2018

The reason for the new 18th edition, discussed.........

The biggest news for the last couple of years within the Electrical installation industry has undoubtedly been the upcoming introduction of the new 18th edition to the wiring regulations.

It is often asked or even heard in some circles “What do we need a new edition for, electricity is still electricity and it’s not changed”

As with any profession there are advancements and new methods of working developed, and with this, new safety measures need to be in place to reflect the changes in working practice. In addition to this any workers in a profession that incorporates aspects which are fatal, need to regularly keep up to date with their skills to ensure all best practices are followed and no potential accidents occur. Also any individual working in the electrical industry will benefit from keeping up to date by being able to undertake many more jobs which require the new standards and the latest qualifications.

The modern world is developing so rapidly that new strategies and materials are being introduced on an almost monthly basis and by studying and qualifying for the new 18th Edition an electrician ensures they are following the safest procedures possible, and using materials which have been widely accepted for use within the industry.

Many of the major changes in the 18th Edition do specifically cover fire regulation, standardisation and energy efficiency.

With energy efficiency at the forefront of domestic consumers’ minds this is already an important factor for the home consumer, coupled with governmental and worldwide policies to reduce our carbon emissions, the 18th Edition covers the installation and calculation of energy efficiency within appliances and the home, it will also cover industrial installations. Including the calculation of the accumulated efficiency points, which are awarded based on performance level and efficiency. These are then assigned a class from EIEC0 to EIEC4.

Another important point of note to the changes include the standardisation of cables and procedures. To provide safety at work and after the work has been completed. Allowing any future work to be undertaken and tested with ease, following the set of procedures laid out in the 18th Edition.

Within the new procedures it has been proposed that some changes to the regulations relating to fire safety be implemented, to protect against fire caused by the use of the electrical installation. As taken from the IET website ( they explain that:

“Chapter 42 contains the requirements for the protection of persons, livestock and property against fire caused by electrical equipment, against burns and overheating and for including precautions where particular risks of fire exist.”

The new changes discussed for the 18th Edition will provide better safety for both consumer and installer alike, regulating the materials used and ensuring all installers are working to the best practices possible. This provides the public with the assurance of electrical safety and the electrical installer, the assurance that the service they provide, is up to standard.


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